Posted by: Nathan | October 7, 2007

Lucy Video!

We live at least 800 miles from most of you, my dear readers, but we wanted you to meet Lucy anyway. Here is a video to give you a small peep into life with our Westie. This is in our back yard when Lucy got curious about the camera.

What is that thing?


  1. Awww, fun stuff.

  2. Mom says, “I had to watch the video 4 times. I think my new grand-puppy is darling. Has her temperament changed any since you brought her home? Will her hair get fuller as she gets older? …Not that she isn’t already plenty cute. This was a great idea. Please keep sending updates, we’d love to see them as she grows. We keep you in our prayers. Love you lots.”

  3. She already has the makings of a great guard dog. Curiosity? Check. A sense when something strange is present? Check. Disarming cuteness? Check.

  4. Pretty cute!
    Is this puppy love?
    One thing to ponder is how can you tell if she is getting older? Non white dogs get white around the muzzle how do white dogs show age? Do they turn black?
    If that is the case white dogs sure have it made!

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