Posted by: Nathan | October 16, 2007


J and I live in a World Series city! Due to the unbelievable stretch run of the local ball club (21 out of 22?!), either Cleveland or Boston will come to Coors Field for at least two games. I’m pretty excited, and the city’s jumping.

There are a lot of fun things about the Rockies’ playoff push. First, the media is once again embarrassed by their pathetic East-Coast bias. During the series against the Phillies, I guess one sports reporter asked Rockies Manager Clint Hurdle what he should know about the Rockies because he hadn’t been paying attention; isn’t it your job to pay attention? I hope the Sawx get beaten by Cleveland to further alienate the East-Coasters (sorry, Kyle). I guess this confirms the rumor I heard that there are teams who don’t play in New York and Boston.

Second, everyone out here is really excited. There is purple and black everywhere, and it’s definitely the number one topic of conversation at the bank. “How’s it going?” is usually followed by, “Did you watched the game last night?” However (and you won’t hear this from the media), you wouldn’t have known there was a baseball team out here before the one-game playoff. It’s definitely a bandwagon phenomenon. I do believe that there are a lot of faithful fans out here who have waited a long time for this, but this is Broncos country, even when they suck.

Third, the Rocks might actually win this thing. The media’s been touting the AL all year, but only one team represents each league. The Rockies are on an unbelievable run, and if they’re pitching holds up, they’re as good as either AL contender.

By the way, “Rocktober” is the phrase everybody is using out here, so don’t accuse me of plagiarism. Go Rockies!


  1. No offense taken at your blatant anti-east coast bias. This is the most important part of the country, anyway. You can have your superior mountain range, vast state parks, and leisurely attitudes. We’ve got some nice scenery and lots of dynamic urban landscapes in which we have important intellectual discussions and do lots and lots of work. Does the term “halls of power” mean anything to you? What’s that you say? You have dynamic urban landscapes in which to have important intellectual discussions? Bah! The east coast matters more. End of discussion. 😉

    If it’s Colorado-Boston, I’ll be rooting for the Rockies–I tend to dislike the Red Sox only because there’s such a disgusting east coast bias on ESPN. If it’s Colorado-Cleveland, I’ll be an agnostic observer–both teams have a certain ‘small ball club’ charm.

    Mark my words: if Cleveland wins tonight (10/18), ESPN’s going to be underwhelming us with its coverage of the Colorado-Cleveland World Series, and overwhelming us with the “What happened to the Sawx?” talk. Garbage.

  2. I’m going for the Rockies all the way. It sucks that Cleveland’s pitching didn’t hold up against the BoSox, but if the Rockies can win game 1 vs. Beckett I think that would be HUGE! Additionally, my old roommate Karl claimed he’d go back to CO if they made it to the World Series, so I was cheering along & hoping that would happen, but it was a lie…

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