Posted by: Nathan | October 29, 2007

The AQ Curse

Twice this fall, I’ve written about how excited I was about a team in the MLB playoffs (one, two), and twice, said team was surreptitiously swept by their opponent. Hmm. The editorial staff doesn’t know whether to chalk this up to coincidence, a hitherto unrealized power over baseball playoffs, some vendetta fortune has against teams for which I cheer, or the chaos theory, but we sure wish it would work on a certain football team whose coach insists on looking like a bum every week. I guess influencing the sports world via opinionated blog articles isn’t as easy as it sounds.



  1. Perhaps you could try writing an article (or comment) about how the Putz Pats are your favorite team, and how you can’t wait to see them take on the Colts this Sunday. Then we’ll see if you really do wield some Dumbledore-like magical power. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

  2. Okay, so much for my command of HTML code–the ‘Putz’ is supposed to have a strike through it. D’oh!

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