Posted by: Nathan | November 3, 2007

Driveway Philosophers

I found this excellent Garrison Keillor article today that explains a lot about why Iowa is an amazing place to be from (or to live, if you’re still there). This is the sort of thing everyone in Iowa knows but no one else ever hears about. Plus, it’s just a good read.


  1. Garrison Keillor is a great storyteller. He does a great job of describing the ‘driveway philosopher,’ one or two (or more) of whom many of us know. And I agree that gut feelings matter in politics.

    That said, I think Keillor sells Iowans short, somewhat. Iowans are generally quite aware of the meat and potatoes of political issues, and use that knowledge to augment their reliance on the mores of driveway philosophers.

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