Posted by: Nathan | December 14, 2007

Charley Steiner and the Syracuse Orange

On Wednesday night I was blessed to see most of “The Best of ‘This is SportsCenter,'” a special the four-letter network aired featuring some of their best commercials over the years. There have been oh-so-many fantastic, clever and funny SportsCenter spots, but none is as good as Charley Steiner taking it out on the Syracuse Orange.

I’ve often looked back fondly on this hilarious commercial, and in the age of YouTube, I thought I could relive it online. Alas! No one has posted the ad (though there are many others). You can then imagine my joy when I finally got to see it again Wednesday evening.

Steiner is a boxing aficionado, and the spot focuses on that. Various other SC anchors walk up to him trying to induce him to fight. “C’mon, Charley.” “Take off those glasses!” In the interspersed interview segments, Steiner says, “Just because I’m a boxing analyst doesn’t mean it affects my actions.” Cut to the very end when Charley walks out to his car in the parking lot, only to be approached by the Syracuse Orange swinging his fists in challenge. Steiner drops his suitcase and slugs him in the middle of his huge orange face. “Uhh!” says the Orange.

Oh man! Just writing about it makes me laugh. Sure, SC has abused the Orange in other ads, but none were quite so great as this one. If they had that special on DVD, I would buy it. Oh, won’t someone post it online for me?


  1. Ask and you shall receive. I think it can be found here:

  2. You the man, PK. Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to play! Arrggh!!

  3. I can’t either. D’oh!

  4. I really miss Steiner, and especially that commercial!! When he was anchoring, I always loved it when he got the giggles and absolutely could not stop…good times. Looking at that ESPN list, I remember enjoying his Y2K and Melrose Place ads too! The glory days of Sportscenter…

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