Posted by: Nathan | January 16, 2008

Two Coffee Notes

A (Very) Small Tragedy

As you remember, one of my favorite Coffee-Mate flavors is Peppermint Mocha, and it only comes around at Christmas. I recalled my enjoyment of its deliciousness in 2006, so I wanted to save it for last of all the holiday flavors. I began with Egg Nog. Oh, cruel fate! It took me too long to finish my Egg Nog bottle, and by then I had gone home for Christmas. When I got back, it was gone–all gone!* All that remained was (sniff) Pumpkin Spice! Well, let this be a lesson to me: best ‘Mates first next time!

Dunkin’ Donuts at Last

While in Chicago for this guy‘s nuptuals, I really wanted to try Dunkin’ Donuts’ famous coffee (best-selling in the US) because there are no Dunkins out in Denver. However, we were busy (at a wedding! Hard believe, right?) and never had an opportunity. D&E purchased some so I could have some over Christmas, I enjoyed it a lot (thanks, you two)**. Imagine my delight when I discovered that my local Target now carries the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. Sure, it’s pre-ground, but you can’t have everything. I don’t think it’s as good as some Caribou flavors, but I’m heavily biased in that discussion. En todos modos, it’s great to realize a very small goal in my life and have some tasty, cheap coffee alternatives.

*À la Christmas Story

**They also bought us Cherry Jones Soda to enjoy, as did my in-laws. There is no shortage of yummy beverages at home.


  1. Peppermint Mocha is my favorite. You reminded me that I should use my open bottle up before it goes bad. Also good to know about the pre-ground Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I’d heard rave reviews from people I didn’t know, so it’s good to hear it from a trustworthy source.

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