Posted by: Nathan | January 23, 2008

Cheese Pizza is a Waste

If you were to purchase a house, you wouldn’t walk in and say, “This house is perfect! I’m not going to buy any furniture! Let’s just leave it as it is.” Why? Because a house isn’t really a house without all the comforts of home in it. Sure, it stands on its own, but it has no personality, no appeal, no flavor…

So it is with cheese pizza. Did you know that every pizza comes with dough, sauce and cheese? Indeed, they all do. I don’t understand why, given that fact, that so many people order their pizza with no toppings. “No, just leave it as it is.” Put some dang toppings on it! If you’re a vegetarian, they have vegetables to throw on there. As for me, I need meat; I don’t want a pizza that comes without sausage, pepperoni, ham or something along those lines.

Cheese pizza tastes like boring. Give me some flavor on my slice, or give me no slice at all!


  1. “Cheese pizza tastes like boring.” I agree! From now on, when something is really monotonous, I’ll say it’s as boring as cheese pizza…

  2. The vast majority of cheese pizza is worthless, yes. But I have to step in here and say that good cheese pizza exists. You can’t just throw mozzarella on some dough and sauce. One of the tastiest pizzas I’ve had was at a Greek pizzeria in New York City. I don’t know what all the different cheeses were on that thing, but it was quite a variety, and it was delicious. No meat, no veggies. I’m not saying such things would have ruined the pizza; but the assortment of strange and delicious cheeses those Greek brothers used on that cheese pizza was awesome.

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