Posted by: Nathan | January 27, 2008

Stumble Upon Discoveries III

Yes, I’m still wasting my time surfing the web for snatches of entertainment. I do the work so you don’t have to!

  • Nietzsche Family Circus. Pairs random Family Circus comics with Friedrich Nietzsche quotes. Click refresh a few times for best results.
  • Netdisaster. Type in any URL you desire and choose how that website will be “destroyed” while you watch. Not to be used on my blog, of course…
  • How Many Five-Year-Olds Could You Take in a Fight? 25. Bring ’em on!
  • Compilation of Soccer Players Faking Injuries. This is easily the stupidest aspect of soccer, but it makes for hilarious video.
  • WritersMugs Gallery. Combine your favorite author, a great quote of squi’s, and a mug, and you’ve got a sweet website. I spent a half hour reading great sayings from these world-movers. Drawback: no Hemingway.
  • How Manly are the Disney Men? Justin will be pleased to see that Robin Hood scored big here. Seems like Hercules wins by default due to his mythological status, but oh well.
  • “Filler” Game. I played this for an hour when I should have been sleeping. Yeah, it’s that addictive, so be careful (especially if you have homework).
  • The Beaufort Scale. Illustrated guide to the scale that gauges wind force. This one appealed the wannabe sailor in me. Billy Joel fans might remember that the Beaufort Scale makes an appearance in “Storm Front.”
  • Holiday Party Excuse Generator. No, it’s not timely, but you can still use it for other get-togethers. I had a good time imagining myself sending a rather sardonic excuse to my job.
  • Woophy. See photos from any location around the world. Wow.

I hope you enjoy these little gems. Whenever I have time to fritter away, I’ll keep looking for random websites worth visiting.


  1. I stumbled upon Netdisaster a while ago. Had a lot of unproductive fun with that one.

    I could only take on 14 five year old kids in a fight.

    “Filler’ game is fun. Reminds me a lot of JezzBall (in fact, after I lost in Filler, I played a a few rounds of JezzBall).

    I love these posts. Thanks for doing them!

  2. Great as always. One can only hope that these posts continue. I can only take on 18 five year-olds. Does that mean that I’m weaker or more moral? Hmmm…

    That filler game is deadly. I just played it for about an hour. Good thing I don’t have any more homework. 😉

  3. JezzBall! That’s what it reminded me of! I was trying to remember that too.

    I guess I’m just too immoral for y’all. I assumed that I’d have to fight off the kids or die, so I threw my moral reservations to the proverbial wind.

  4. Hey, did you see that you can now “use StumbleUpon in any web browser without installing a toolbar“?

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