Posted by: Nathan | February 12, 2008

God Doesn’t Like Me to Go Iowa

Or so it would seem. The last two times J and I have made the long trek home, we’ve driven in/through snow storms. In December, the drive was fine until just before Des Moines, when we lost all visibility due to blowing and falling snow while driving in the night. Then last week, we were snowed on from Denver to Lincoln, NE on day one; we stopped at Lincoln because I-80 was closed. The next day, the roads were fine until midway between Des Moines and CR, when once again we caught up with the snow. Yay.

The return trips both times were sunny and easy. The most recent one had the added bonus of a tail wind, as if God was shooing us out of Iowa and Nebraska.

What, if anything, should I make of this? I like living away from my home state, but I want to be able to go back occasionally. The two trips show an escalating aggression against J’s and my efforts to get home. I’m rather afraid of what will happen next time I make my way eastward on 80. Severe thunderstorm? Flood? Unexpected volcano? That huge black alien robot from Sim City 2000? Regardless, I’m going to try to stay in Colorado until winter is over at least.


  1. Ahhh, that huge black alien robot from Sim City 2000. Good times.

  2. Though I don’t mean to cast aspersions toward your dog (given that I’ve never met her, and that she seems pretty cool), I can imagine that a subsequent trip might include dog poo and/or flu all over the car. At that point, you’d know that the trips to Iowa just aren’t meant to be. Just preparing you for the inevitable.

  3. God may not like you to go to Iowa, but your Mom and Dad like you to come to Iowa. So who ya gonna go with, Mom and Dad or God? (Oh, um, never mind, I withdraw the question. See you when the snow stops — hopefully by May sometime.)

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