Posted by: Nathan | February 18, 2008

Giving up Pop for Lent

I’ve stopped drinking pop for Lent this year. If you live on either coast, that means I’m having no soda; if you’re from the South, Coke is off-limits for me. For most of my life, I’ve not been into Christian tradition nor the Church calender. In high school around this time of year, I abstained from abstaining because I felt that being different in my Catholic school was an important part of my non-denominational status.

However, I’ve slowly reconsidered my anti-tradition stance, and this isn’t the first time I’ve made use of Lent to sacrifice something, small though it is. I like pop, especially Vault, and I’ve grown accustomed to having some a couple times per week. Now that I’ve given it up, I find that I think about drinking pop a lot more, so the reminder function of Lent is really working for me.

I don’t know that I’ll always give up something between Ash Wednesday and Easter, but it’s neat this year. Maybe I won’t even want pop when Easter arrives; I’ve gone a year without having any before, and that felt good for some reason (it burned when I drank some again). In any case, it feels good to be a part of the Lenten tradition for once. Man, I really miss Vault though…especially the red kind.



  1. I’ve always taken a similar stance to yours when it comes to giving something up for Lent. I still haven’t participated, but have a lot of respect for those who do, and hope abstention in this instance draws them closer to God.

  2. You should read this article, it’s one of Bill Simmons’ best:

    I haven’t really been watching the NBA a lot, but I definitely have been more intrigued this season, and I think he makes a great case for paying attention to the league again! There’s also good stuff about New Orleans

  3. Good article indeed, though I’ll always savor his post-Super Bowl article.

    He’s got a lot of great points, but I still don’t care about the NBA. I just don’t. If I buy everything he says about the likability and talent in the league, my only excuse is apathy. I don’t care about professional basketball, and I don’t want to care. I didn’t even watch very many football games this year. The only reason I care about baseball is my unflagging love for the Cubs.

    It seems that the Cubbies are my only team now; I have no favorite in football, baskeball, or hockey, and the other sports don’t make a blip on my radar. All of this is not to say that these things aren’t worth following; they just aren’t worth following for me anymore.

  4. That’s funny, Nathan. I gave up coffee for Lent, and it’s the first time I’ve ever done that. Like you said, I find myself thinking about it frequently, especially when I can smell it but not drink it! Torture! But it’s worth it. 🙂

  5. Nathan, you inspired me last year to do Lent for the same reasons that you were. But this year I didn’t read your post on the subject until early March. I realized I could do a half-Lent with any item I hadn’t consumed recently. So I gave up ice cream since it had been awhile. The way I figure, half a Lent is better than none… Especially when it’s done for the reason Kyle alluded to earlier: to draw closer to God.

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