Posted by: Nathan | February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Today was February 29, a day that comes around only once every four years. I don’t know about you, but for such a special day it wasn’t anything more than a crappy day at the job for me. Now why is that? Leap Day seems like the ideal day for a holiday.

Leap Day reminds me of astronomical events in ancient cultures. Some nations had elaborate celebrations and/or built monuments for things like solstices and new years. Now, I’ll grant you that the only reason we have Leap Day is because our calendar is somewhat faulty, but it still seems like an extraordinary day. There were kiddos born today who won’t turn one until they’re four; how cool is that?

So let us begin a Leap Day tradition of some kind. I suppose some jumping would fit with the name, but that’s too literal. Nay, let us take the day off of work and stay home. Maybe we could make it a Leap Day tradition to do something fun that you’ve been putting off for a while. How about sleeping late? I think a special meal wouldn’t be out of order. We need some decorations, too. How about yellow lights in the shape of suns, streamers, and daffodils? Or we could make it the day on which one must honk at every red light! A day to rearrange one’s furniture?

Regardless, we need to start something for Leap Day. And though we have four years to contemplate our next Leap Day, your suggestions and ideas are welcomed here. Hope your Leap Day was a heck of a lot better than mine.


  1. The 29th was a weekend for me in Baghdad (Friday/Saturday is the weekend in the Arab world) and I still had to work. 😦

    I did get to sleep in a bit, though.

  2. I feel like frogs should somehow be involved in such a celebration. You must admit, they don’t get much attention in our culture.

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