Posted by: Nathan | March 16, 2008

Finishing Seinfeld

Along with completing another demanding semester, I’ve recently watched the last episode of Seinfeld season 9, which means I’ve watched every Seinfeld episode. No, it’s not exactly a triumph nor even an accomplishment, but (oddly) it is a source of pride for me. I have collected and watched the Seinfeld seasons over four years, and it’s fun that I can now say I have seen them all.

At various points throughout the process, I’ve thought of posting on my favorite seasons or episodes, but I just haven’t been able to. Why? There are all so good! How could I choose between “The Pick,” “The Contest,” or “The Serenity Now?” The truth is that every season has its amazing episodes; the only set of DVDs I could do without is volume one because Jerry and Larry David are still figuring out what the show will be. Nearly every episode has a laugh-out-loud moment; most have many.

As for the final episode, I expected to enjoy it more than the first time I watched it. The finale was actually the very first Seinfeld I ever watched, so naturally I didn’t get the jokes. The parade of characters from prior years eagerly appearing to testify against Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer was quite funny.

That said, I still feel that there is something off about the finale. In the roundtable conversation with the four main actors and Larry David that’s on the DVD, they agree the last episode is out of character for the show because it is a “big” show; Seinfeld is at its best when it’s about the minutia. For all those who dislike Seinfeld because its characters are mean, the finale gives you justice. They are bad people. But darned if it’s not disappointing that our protagonists end up in jail. I’d like to think that they’re still living their strange, comical lives in New York City.

The best part about owning all of Seinfeld is that I can watch any episode whenever I feel like it. Indeed, dear reader, Seinfeld is the best, most well-written, and hilarious situation comedy ever made. It may always be.


  1. I agree that there’s “something off about the finale”. I had seen numerous episodes when the last one aired for the fist time, and it was much, much less than I expected. Still, lots of fun to be had in revisiting old characters and exploits.

  2. I actually think the finale was the right way to go out. There’s a sense of closure there that I’m not sure they could have conjured with an ordinary episode. And before the court room scene, they get busted for laughing at, and videotaping, a fat guy getting mugged. That’s classic Seinfeld. And its sheer brilliance to end the series with the same discussion that started it all.

    Congratulations on finishing, my friend. I’ve still got a ways to go.

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