Posted by: Nathan | March 18, 2008

Coffee-Mate Promo

Yesterday, this humble blog received a whopping 79 hits. I wish I could pretend this is normal, “But clearly,” thought I, “something is up.” Forty-five of those visits were all for the same post, which is a lowly post about how much my dad would love Blueberry Coffee-Mate.  “Hmm,” I thought again, “I wonder if something is going on with Coffee-Mate.”

Unlike many of my visitors, I checked it out by going directly to, which is, you know, the actual website of my favorite coffee creamer manufacturer. Turns out they are giving away coupons for a free bottle of any flavor ‘Mate you want. All you have to do is take a little survey, and they send you a coupon. Naturally, I filled out the survey with visions of Amaretto dancing in my head. If you want in on this promotion, click here.

This is the only reason I can think of that so many folks would stop by my blog searching for Coffee-Mate-related material (of which we have no shortage). I admit that this post is, in part, a shameless ploy to get more hits along these lines, but I also want to spread the free CM joy.

Seriously, Coffee-Mate should be paying me for stuff like this.

Oh, and no, we at Ahab’s Quest DO NOT manufacture, sell, or distribute Coffee-Mate IN ANY WAY; we just drink it and like it a lot. This will not stop many of you from asking me for free creamer anyway, if past comments are any precedent.


  1. I think you SHOULD start your own line of coffee creamers. “Uncle Nathan’s Creamy Coffee Additive” comes to mind.

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