Posted by: Nathan | April 1, 2008

Twittering on the Quest

With a special thanks to Jason, I am pleased to introduce a new feature to AQ: Twitter. I signed up for this little service after this post convinced me it might be fun. But since all of you who are interested (if only mildly) in the daily doings of my life are not on Twitter (yet), I thought I’d slap it into my sidebar for you. As is the nature of Twitter, these little blips aren’t too fascinating, but they’ll give you and idea of what I’m doing and thinking on a more regular basis. I’m eliminating the “I’m Thinking…” feature because the RSS feed will work better for keeping you up to date.

Want to join Twitter?


  1. Before it was upgraded to your Twitter feed, I noticed your “I’m Thinking…” feature highlighted the futility of “Earth Hour”. While my daughter enjoyed the candles and playing in the dark, a few times during that hour I wondered to myself “what’s the point?” I recently came from caring almost nothing about the environment, to seeing that I need to make some real changes. I guess it’s taking me some time to find the right balance, and participating in something silly like “Earth Hour” was a bit of overcompensation. Also, I didn’t want my green leaning neighbors (if I even have any) to think I wasn’t one of them.

  2. Ah, Earth Hour. To be honest, I almost wrote an entire post on my ever-changing feelings about environmentalism. I am all for conservation and wise use of resources, and I love national parks and being out in nature. However, I am extremely tired of being beaten senseless about being green, and I’m not sure how much I buy global warming. I decided it was wise to avoid the post and the inevitable angry comments that would have followed.

    You shouldn’t feel silly for participating in something just because I don’t think it’s a useful thing.

  3. I do enjoy the twittering, though I’ve cast my lot with Facebook’s status.

    I’d love an AQ post on environmentalism, by the way.

  4. D’oh – the double-posted comment. “You put the comment on the board, and then you put it on there again. You can’t double post your comment!”

  5. Kyle, hoping not to be pesky, just informative: there are a few different Facebook apps you can add that sync your Twitter and Facebook Status in various ways. I use one created by Twitter, but others work too (and don’t require the “is twittering” prefix that you currently see on my Facebook status).

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