Posted by: Nathan | April 20, 2008

Flatirons Plays DMB

I didn’t need any further proof that my church is really cool, but last week Flatirons gave me some anyway. While J and I were taking a much needed mini-break in Breckenridge, the Flatirons worship team played Dave Matthews Band’s “Where Are You Going?” for the weekend services. How cool is that? This isn’t the first time our church has used contemporary songs to highlight a theme* in the service. We’ve heard “Rocket Man” and “How to Save a Life” among others, but nothing is as cool as going to church and hearing your favorite band! That is, it would have been cool had I been there.

You can watch the video of the service here. The message was good as well, if you feel like listening to it. If you want to watch the DMB cover, it’s a couple songs in immediately past the announcements video. My church is awesome!

*In case you wondered, they used the lyrics “where you are is where I want to be” as an echo of our desire to do God’s work and be wherever he is.


  1. I’ll begrudgingly buy this for two reasons:

    1. As you know, I don’t like the “Christian” music label, I think it sucks. So, using DMB instead of Chris Tomlin or something is o.k. because there is nothing inherently holy about the music that “Christian” artists release.

    2. Many churches are already using “Christian” artists’ music in a context that it wasn’t written for, so I guess DMB’s songs in an unintended setting classifies…

    I hope that people will realize that we should keep singing hymns in church that were written FOR the church. (I know that there are hymn exceptions that weren’t written for a general audience, but you get me…)

  2. You make some excellent observations, little brother. I too am somewhat leery of how Flatirons uses “secular” music in their services. If you watch the video, they’re really playing this as a performance piece; very few lyrics hit the screen for the audience to read. With DMB-style songs, it’s not hard to catch the words, but with louder bands’ music, I rarely have any idea what’s being sung. I’ll tentatively draw a loose parallel to speaking in tongues: if you can’t understand it, why do it?

    On the other hand, we do sing other songs (plenty of Chris Tomlin) for worship purposes. Flatirons does only one “performance” song per week, if that, so there is straight-up worship time also.

    I cannot agree more heartily that we need more hymns. More hymns! I love to sing to the Lord in songs that genuinely reflect my heart. It’s probably due to my own shortcomings, but I struggle a lot singing what I’m going to call “contemporary worship songs.” I know and can see that many of my brothers and sisters love these songs, however, so I won’t concentrate on my dislikes but rather on the overwhelming quality of so many hymns. More hymns!

    Basically I’m geeking out that my church played a Dave Matthews Band tune–and played it well to boot. Maybe next week will be “Trippin’ Billies”…or not.

  3. I’d have been geeking out, too, Nathan. And Where Are You Going is a good one. At least your church didn’t try to change ‘Trippin Billies’ into ‘Worshippin Billies’ or ‘Stay’ into ‘Pray’.

    And here here for more hymns!

  4. “I wanna pray pray pray pray pray here for a while!” Love it.

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