Posted by: Nathan | April 23, 2008

Where Politics Meet Doggie Toys

The wife and I made a trip to our local PetSmart the other day to get some supplies for our canine*. On the way in, I noticed political dog toys in the shape of an elephant or donkey–take your pick. I can’t help but feel a little confused about which toy a strong feeling political person should buy.

There are advantages and disadvantages for either. On the one hand, buying the toy that’s representative of my party makes me feel like I’m supporting my party–akin to buying a t-shirt. I will also enjoy having the toy around my house because it reminds me of my party loyalty. Plus, by playing with the toy, I can pretend that if my dog could vote, squi would choose the candidates I would.

Of course I’m buying the toy so my dog can eventually destroy it. In time my party’s logo will be tattered, torn, filled with spittle (perhaps urine if one’s dog is poorly trained–mine is well trained), and will become garbage. I will have to throw the logo of my beloved party away. How shall I then feel? Perhaps it is better to buy the other party’s toy to sadistically enjoy watching my dog destroy it little by little. But then, I will have paid money to buy something emblematic of the party I dislike.

Since I generally try to keep politics out of my home and I don’t want to waste money, I wouldn’t have purchased such a toy anyway. But if I had wanted to, I don’t know which I would have chosen: support my party and watch my dog kill it, or enjoy the destruction while daily having the other party’s logo in my own home. What is a politically-minded dog-toy-buying person to do?

*We bought the coolest whale squeaky toy ever, which Lu subsequently ruined by Monday night. Grrr.

Non sequitur: While searching for in search of an image of the toys discussed above, I found a funny website: To which party does your dog belong?


  1. Perhaps you’ve got it all backward. Perhaps you are supposed to buy both, see which toy your dog attacks with more vigor, and then choose to back the party whose toy is less destroyed.

    But this then opens up more questions – would a dog be less inclined to rip up a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton toy than a generic Democratic toy? The same with John McCain and a Republican toy?

    Finally, which toys represent Independents?

    So many questions…

  2. This is strange! I have a Republican Boxer who has a multitude of chew toys/stuffed animals and the like. Each is named after a well known Democrat or RINO and she actually knows them by their assigned name. If we say get Teddy, she brings a green stuffed frog. It was so named in honor of Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy. We have Michael Moore whose name was added to a rather chubby pink pig andmany many more. You should see what he did to John Kerry represented by a segmented worm


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