Posted by: Nathan | April 29, 2008

Extreme Makeover, Lucy Edition

A week ago we took Lu-dog to get her first haircut. We had become very used to her appearance, which was mop-like in hindsight. The transformation is truly astounding, as you can see below. See if you can guess which picture is before and which is after…

Crazy, huh? She’s a pretty girl now. Plus, she’s much softer to pet. I think she likes it better, too, but it’s hard to get a direct answer from her.


  1. Wow! She looks like a different (and younger) dog. And quite cute. Nice floors too.

  2. It looks like she can see much better now. And she looks much more cuddle-able.

  3. I don’t know… with her long hair she looks like she could roam the highlands of Scotland hunting out snakes in holes. Now she looks so refined she should be having tea and crumpets in London. While she looks much better, I hope she’s the same wild Lucy!

  4. No worries there, D. She’s still terrorizing our backyard on a daily basis.

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