Posted by: Nathan | July 2, 2008

The New Dews, Pt. 1: “Revolution” or “Mountain Dewl-Aid”

As you may have heard, dear reader, Mountain Dew has released three new versions of itself this summer for public consumption. This is part of their “Dewmocracy” campaign, which sounds more like a travishamockery to me. In any case, since I was recently on a lengthy drive and I needed caffeine, I thought I’d try one of the flavors; since I did that, thought I, I might as well try them all and review them for you. We drink experimental pop so you don’t have to!

Mountain Dewl-AidLet us begin with nomenclature. Judging by the names for these three new flavors, the folks over at the Pepsi marketing department are fools. Our new flavors are “Revolution,” “Supernova,” and “Voltage.” Using only those names, anybody can tell what the pop tastes like, right? Right? I have never said to myself, “I’m thirsty. I could really go for something that tastes like a supernova.” Also, drinking Voltage sounds quite perilous.

That little rant aside, I purchased “Revolution,” which should be called “Blue Raspberry Mountain Dew” because that’s what it tastes like. For me, it tastes like Kool-Aid mixed with watered-down Mountain Dew; thus, J dubbed it “Mountain Dewl-Aid.” To be fair, I must point out that when I drank this soda-pop, I had previously imbibed a slushie from Sonic (yum). Consequently, this beta version of Mt. Dew had a lot to live up to in addition to its already iffy status, not to mention I didn’t feel like drinking anything sugary at the time. I just needed the caffeine.

Still, “Revolution” is not good. Unlike red Mt. Dew, there isn’t a lot of flavor here. You can tell that blue raspberry exists in the drink, but it’s not strong on the palate. Interestingly, the regular Mt. Dew taste is even less present in this pop, so I felt like both the Mt. Dew and the raspberry aspects of the drink were watered-down. In order to remedy this situation, Pepsi Bottling Co. has thrown in plenty of sugar. Sugary, semi-raspberryish, and barely Mt. Dew-y: such is Mountain Dew Revolution.

Perhaps it is called “Revolution” because it’s going to upset the public so much that they’ll revolt. All right, it’s not that bad, but you’d be better served to buy some regular Mountain Dew and mix in some raspberry Kool-Aid. That way, you could control the porportions of each. It’s certainly not worth your hard-earned money. Skip it. 5/10, C. The AQ editorial staff will review the other two flavors later this summer.

Did I forget to mention that this flavor has ginseng in it! GINSENG! Who wouldn’t buy anything that sounds as if it may contain some ingredient which may or may not be reputedly related to better health?


  1. Great review! Good to know I’m not missing anything when I pass this by. The names ARE ridiculous. Live Wire and Code Red aren’t that helpful either.

  2. This post was hilarious!!

    It was fun dropping by this weekend. By the by, your mom gave Justin a piece of mail to give to you on Friday. So, naturally, I just found it in the back seat of my car today. What would you like us to do with it?

  3. Naturally, the backseat is where it would be. Could you guys open it and have Justin call me and tell me what it is? Thankee!

  4. I’m a serial tester of new soda pop flavors, and Mt. Dew comes out with new ones all the time (what happened to orange Mt. Dew?). I tried Supernova, which was actually pretty good.

    BTW, the first sentence in your second paragraph is great. Hooray, insults.

  5. Hey PK, they still sell orange Mt. Dew at my grocery store. It’s called Live Wire and I think it’s only around in the summer.

  6. Hey, have you used It’s absolutely incredible, and I’ve been obsessed with it for over a week! You type in an artist you like and they provide you with commercial free radio filled with music that matches that particular artist’s genre/style.

    If you type in one of your core bands (DMB), it’s amazing how well they read your musical preferences. For instance, probably 75% of my favorite bands would be covered by listening to my Our Lady Peace or Counting Crows stations. I’ve also been listening a lot to my Lupe Fiasco station. (Who knew I liked Jay-Z, Nas and Common so much? Not me)

    Try it out.

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