Posted by: Nathan | July 24, 2008

The New Dews, Pt. 2 [and maybe Pt. 3]: “Voltage”

It took the editorial staff of Ahab’s Quest a couple of weeks to locate another experimental Mountain Dew flavor. This is due to two primary factors: 1. The AQ staff has far better things to do than drive all over Denver looking for potentially yucky pop; 2. Most places don’t stock the three would-be Mountain Dews, probably because no one is buying them. I almost gave up hope on continuing this already below-average serial of blog posts, but then fate (and picking up photos) brought me into my local Walgreens*. There, semi-miraculously, I located “Voltage” and purchased it.

It's actually drinkable

It's actually drinkable

At first I was quite confused. I was pretty sure the first alternate Dew I had tasted was “Revolution,” which was blue and tasted of overly-sugared raspberries. “Voltage,” on the other hand, is blue and raspberry-flavored. And now you know the difference. All right, “Voltage” is darker blue and probably has different raspberries in it…right? Whoops, looks like “Revolution” has wild berries, NOT raspberries. My mistake. Also, there is apparently some sort of “citrus flavor” in “Voltage.”

In any case, there is one major difference between the two: “Voltage” is tolerable. Actually, it’s fairly good. It doesn’t taste overly-sugared like its wild berry opponent, and the raspberry flavor is well-balanced with the regular Mt. Dew flavor, whatever the bleep that is. I drank the entire bottle and enjoyed it.

If “Voltage” wins the upcoming election, I may buy one now and then. I probably would not, but I certainly would imbibe it over Mountain Dew-lade. Blech. In sum, “Voltage” ok; “Revolution” yucky; “Supernova” MIA. Indeed, this may be the last installment of this silly series if I can’t find “Supernova” in any local Quick-E-Mart or grocery barn. I promise to keep a haphazard lookout for it whenever I feel like it and am in the vicinity of a vendor who may have it. Of course, if “Supernova” wins, then I’ll try it and review it for you, faithful reader, even though it would be too late then. Perhaps I’d get a bumper sticker that said: “It’s not MY new Mountain Dew flavor,” and everyone would think I was cool and anti-establishment.

I just now found out that I can see the status of the Dew race in every state! Out here in Colorado, it’s “Voltage” 41%, “Supernova” 33%, and Beetlebong at 25% as of this post. But does “Voltage” have a plan to stimulate our economy?

*You know, the one right next to the Starbucks and across the way from the other Walgreens.


  1. Alternate bumper sticker: “Don’t blame me, I voted for Voltage!”

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