Posted by: Nathan | August 24, 2008

Vault is vanishing

A few months ago, I noticed I could no longer purchase a Vault from the coolers by the cashier at Target. Weeks later, I discovered the same thing had occurred at my local Albertson’s. Today, I went to my local gas station, and could find only a one-liter bottle of Vault–no cans nor 20 oz bottles.

Have you seen me lately?

Have you seen me lately?

Vault is disappearing from the beverage world.

My suspicion was confirmed by the manager of the gas station. “Are you phasing out Vault?” I asked, incredulously. “Yeah. At my old store, they just pulled them from the shelves.”

“People don’t drink it?”

“No. It has a particular flavor about it that lots of people don’t like. We’ve had to throw away lots of bottles because they were expired.”

“Why didn’t you give them to me?!”

It seems that Vault is on the guillotine of consumer demand, and the blade is falling rapidly. How can this happen? Are all you Coke, Pepsi and Mountain Dew drinkers so inflexible* that you can’t grab a more tasty Vault every once in a while? Please, for pity’s sake, broaden your horizons!

Alas, I feel this meager post is too little, too late. Soon I’ll have to choose between a myriad of inferior, over-priced pops if I want a cool, carbonated caffeine rush. Finally, I know how Dan felt about Surge in the late nineties. Goodnight, sweet Vault. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

*You’ve got to get yourself into a flexible frame or you are no place!


  1. This is bad news, although I can’t say I was/am an avid consumer. Perhaps this is all my ‘vault’…

  2. Not that it will be of much comfort to you, but I suspect this is just happening in your CO market. Coke seems committed to the Vault brand, as they just launched a newly redesigned Vault website in July, and are rolling out a new Vault Zero label design later this August.

    Here in IA, it’s impossible to find Vault Zero (my poison) but regular Vault is in cans and two-liters in abundance at HyVee, and you can still buy 20 oz bottles at gas stations and even Subway.

    You should write to your local Coke distributor and complain about Vault’s local sparsity. Maybe start a local campaign website to motivate your community. 🙂

  3. Perhaps my favorite thing about this post – something that doesn’t come through on the RSS reader – is that you’ve given it the “tragedy” tag.

  4. I should clarify my post and say that I can still buy Vault in two liter bottles and twelve packs. The problem is I never buy pop in those containers. I prefer my soft drinks to be consumed occasionally–one-shot treats not daily rations.

    I wondered if the problem is Colorado-specific. Grr.

  5. Grr, indeed. To lose one’s delivery method of choice is never a good thing. Bad news.

  6. Vault better not disappear, it is my favorite drink, simply because of the taste.

    I’ve noticed that 2-liters have stopped being sold at large stores like walmart, sad face 😦

  7. My local grocery store actually started selling cans of Vault Zero again. I still miss the 2-liters (they still sell 2-liters of regular Vault where I live) but it’s nice to not have to go to Wal-mart/Target for the cans.

  8. Bad news…i have been to three Walmarts in the last two days and NONE of them sell Vault now!!…All of the vault products have gone off the shelves. Is this the end of Vault?

  9. I am pretty sad that Vault is going away. First of all it’s a perfect addition to punch up my Margaritas. Second of all, Vault is what got me through my mechanical engineering degree. Mt. Poo & Mellow Smello make me wanna puke. There’s no punch to them at all! 😥

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