Posted by: Nathan | November 20, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

Whenever I write a post for this blog, it seems I’m generally bellyaching or trying to astutely point out something; i.e. I’m always in criticism mode. Unfortunately, I tend to work this way most of the time (ask J how many times I mock commercials on TV). However, there are so many things that are great about life, and I do like them. So I present to you, faithful reader, things that are currently bringing joy into my life. You should assume that things like God, Jen, family and friends always top this list, so I’ll not mention them. In no order whatsoever…

  • Peppermint Mocha Coffee-Mate. I’ve gone through a big bottle already. Think I’ll use a small bottle of Egg Nog and come back for more before the holiday season is over. Yum!
  • The Office. The best comedy on television and one of my absolute favorite programs (8pm MST, NBC). The hijinks of Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim and the rest of the outstanding ensemble cast always make me laugh aloud. Don’t miss it.
  • No more thesis writing! Yaaaaaaayy!!
  • War and Peace. It’s fantastic so far. Still some 900 pages to go!
  • Jason’s invaluable computer advice. Thanks, Jason.
  • The pending Advent season. My favorite time of year. This year, I’ll attend a church that really celebrates the season. I’m hoping to sing some Christmas Carols…in a service on Sunday! I hope more churches do the same this year.
  • My new yellow plaid shirt I got from Eddie Bauer. It’s soft, comfortable, and long enough for me. Love it.
  • Reindeer Blend coffee from Caribou. It is seasonal, so pick some up for yourself if you’re interested. Rich, dark, and goes wonderfully well with the various desserts you know you’ll be eating soon.
  • Flight of the Conchords. If you follow my Twitter, I’ve already directed you to a few FOTC videos on YouTube. It’s a TV series about New Zealanders Bret and Jermaine and their ill-fated attempts to make it as a rock band in New York City. Their songs are goofy, and the characters are delightful.
  • I love reminiscing and writing reviews about the books I’ve read, and discovering what others are perusing. If you want to join the fun, let me know; I’ll invite you.
  • Priscilla Ahn’s A Good Day. Her music is witty, well-written, and lovely. I find myself drawn to softer music these days; my life has enough stress.
  • My Oxford Bible Commentary. I’m amazed but not surprised at how much of the Word I’ve missed out on all this time. It gives an excellent historical background for Hosea (what I was reading when I got it), and now I’m taking it for a spin with Matthew. The parallelism between Jesus’ life and Hebraic history is something I’d have never noticed on my own.
  • Jimmy John’s. It has become my favorite sandwich restaurant. The “Italian Night Club” is delicious, and I love their pickles.
  • Sim City 4. I’m trying not to play it too much.
  • The Weepies. Natch.
  • Our upcoming trip to see Handel’s Messiah at the Denver Symphony Orchestra.

I guess that will do for now. I know I’m forgetting some things I meant to include. If you feel like mentioning some happy elements in your life, please do.


  1. I like the new theme; it makes me happy. Here are some happy elements in my life:

    – My wife’s humor
    – Subscribing to The New York Times (via Kindle)
    – Andy Osenga’s “Canada” (I defy anyone to remain in a bad mood after that song)
    – TV Shows: The Office, 30 Rock, Top Chef
    – Staying connected through Twitter and Facebook
    – Coffee (and coffee shops)
    – My mentee kids
    – Long lunches
    – Dave & Tim
    – Fall
    – The anticipation for our London trip
    – Quiet weekends

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