Posted by: Nathan | February 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of Ahab’s Quest. I’m honored and humbled that this puny blog has received over 36,000 hits to date. Sure, it’s not a lot for big websites, but it’s a lot to me. Thank you to all of you have stopped by my weblog and taken a peep, even if it was only a for a second. Special thanks to those who, for whatever reason, frequently read AQ. We strive to make the experience worth your while.

It’s funny to read some of my older posts. Some of my most haphazard posts are the most popular, while many of the pieces that I spent a lot of time on go unread. Regardless, I’m glad to provide reading material that some of you enjoy. Some of my views have changed a lot over the years; some are pretty much the same. Thanks for your thoughts, comments, and time over the years.

I have some plans for improving this blog along with the usual number of ideas for posts that may or may not make it to you, dear reader. It’s been great to have AQ as a creative outlet and a place to air my ideas and prattle on about things I like and dislike. I’ve come a long way from who I was in February 2006, and I’ve got an even longer way to go. Look for a few changes coming up soon, and, as always, thanks for sticking with me.


  1. It’s always exciting when I see you have a new post waiting for me in my feed reader.

    And hey, let’s get this post off on the right foot. Free coffee-mate! Bob Marley!

  2. Nathan, the blog was invented for you! It’s always fun to read and hear what’s on your mind – and we know there’s always something! Congrats on 3 years…that’s way over the average blog lifetime. K

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