Posted by: Nathan | March 17, 2009

More Lucy Videos

It’s been too long since I’ve provided some videos of our beloved dog, Lucy, so I thought you might enjoy these.

This is a game we play with Lu Dog almost daily. We crouch down on the steps and snap our teeth at her, and she goes crazy. I imagine it looks like she gets a little snappy and out of control, but she knows not to bite.

Here is me playing a little one on one with the Lu. Every now and again she steals the ball out of my hands, but usually I beat her on the crossover. She’s a terrific rebounder, however, and she catches two in a row on the fly in this clip. She’s torn a couple holes in the ball, but usually she drops it on cue.


  1. These are now Lor’s new favorite videos. “More dog! What’s her name? Lucy! More Lucy!”
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like your dog. Thanks for the videos!

  3. Mom and I loved the Lu-Dog action sequences. She thinks the NBA ought to draft Lucy. Thanks for the videos of our grandpuppy. Love, Dad & Mom

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