Posted by: Nathan | August 17, 2009

I am a Professor

This year, J and I have gone through a lot of setbacks that I won’t bother to list. We all go through such times, I know. One disappointment for me was applying for a teaching job at a local college where I had been working as a writing center tutor. They basically told me, “No teaching experience, no way,” and I gave up. However, J encouraged me to give it one more go.

So it was that I called another area college* just to see if they had anything available that could give me teaching experience. I left a voice mail that sounded something like, “I was wondering if you had any teaching jobs open or even just a chance to TA and gain some experience.” A day later, to my surprise, I got a phone call from the school informing me of an opening for teaching freshman composition and how to apply. Fast forward two weeks and two interviews, and I have my very first class teaching English composition!

Classes start Monday, and I have a lot of preparatory work to do, including arranging a syllabus and laying out assignments. I got the books we’re using today and look forward to perusing them. I ran errands all over the place today to get myself integrated into the system over there, locate my office, figure out where my classroom is (my classroom!), and turn in all of the perfunctory paperwork. I feel like I’m being tossed into the deep end, sure, but I know how to swim. And it has been a very hot day.

I want to thank everyone who wished me well and/or prayed for me this year as the wife and I continue to stumble our way through this crazy existence. I am definitely blessed to have this opportunity, and though it will be challenging, I’m excited to get started. I know I’m going to grow a lot this semester, and I hope I can help my students grow, too. This small success is all the sweeter because I’ve had to go through some hard stuff to get here. Hmm, maybe I should learn a lesson here…

*I withhold the name of the school for privacy reasons, just in case. However, it wouldn’t take much detective work to figure it out if you really want to.


  1. Wow. Exciting! This post made me very happy. I’m so glad that you have this, and excited for your students. Knock ’em dead (with knowledge)!

  2. We are so excited for you. The paths are sometimes difficult but God is always good

  3. I’m so proud! Yayyyy!

  4. Congratulations! What great news! You’ll be a terrific prof!

  5. Yay! How are things going now that you are in full swing? Do you like your students and course material? Did you get to pick/plan any of it? I am so darn excited for you! This is huge!

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