Posted by: Nathan | September 14, 2009

What Music I Should Buy

Due to the abundant generosity of my parents, I have in my possession an iTunes gift card with a fair amount of money on it that I got for my birthday. ITunes gift cards are wonderful things. They say, “You’ve been wanting that music for a while now; go buy it!” And buy, I will. I already know some albums and songs I’m going to buy (Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone comes to mind), but I could use some ideas, too.

That’s where you come in, dear reader. What are some of your favorite albums, artists, and/or songs? Tell me about the music you don’t want to live without, and, if you know me, the music I probably don’t have. What are those desert island albums for you? I will check out your suggestions as I see fit, and–who knows?–maybe I’ll add some of your favorite tunes to my humble collection. Also, argue persuasively: tell me why you love this music, what makes it great, and anything else you’d like to say. Of course, if you’d rather not, you may ignore this prompt altogether.

If all of the above sounds too much like an assignment (I think it probably does), please excuse me. I’m still getting accustomed to being a professor. However, I value your input, and I know my musical knowledge is somewhat limited.

Let the music play!


  1. Anything by Rodrigo y Gabriela. You won’t be disappointed by a single track.

  2. I suggest the Ohio album from Over the Rhine…it is FANTASTIC! I also think J would like the music as well.

  3. I’m hesitant to apply the “desert island album ” tag to much of anything, but I’m really enjoying The Pace of Our Feet by “Quote” (the quotation marks are part of the name). It’s posed to become my official Fall 2009 album at least.

  4. Well, you probably already know how much I love Keane. I could listen to Under the Iron Sea every day (and have gotten close to doing so). Haven’t checked out their newest album yet, though. Am also really liking Sara Groves’ album Add to the Beauty. Nice and poetic for J.

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