Posted by: Nathan | October 28, 2009

Jack o’ Lanterns 2009!

Last year the wife and I never got around to carving pumpkins, and I regretted it. We had much fewer trick-or-treaters last year, and perhaps it was because we didn’t have the usual pumpkins to welcome the kiddies in unusual clothes. This year, I made it a point to have our pumpkins early so we could carve them, and Monday we did! As usual, J showed me up in terms of detail and overall skill, but I maintain that there is something to be said for the “less is more” aesthetic. Also, I’m not as good at carving as J is…


Here I am posing with my pumkin, which is an angry Cyclops with sharp teeth!


And here is J with her half-creepy, half-happy witch! You can almost hear the cackling.


Lucy was kind enough to pose with my pumpkin.


This is how they will be displayed on Halloween night. Mine looks more like a Cyclops now.


Close-up of the witch. Eh hee hee hee hee!


Close-up of my Cyclops. You can really see the detail work there. Oh yeah, it was complicated to carve, let me tell you.


We discovered that J's pumpkin cast a nifty shadow on the wall when it was lit. Cool, no?


Mine also cast a silhouette, but it isn't as cool as J's. It does look creepier, however. "I'm keeping an eye on you!"


And here is my lovely lady with her creation.

Surprisingly, the pumpkins dried out pretty quickly, so they are now outside getting snowed on to restore their moisture. We hope the white stuff will be gone by Saturday night, but if it’s not, we get to keep all the candy. Hmm…

Happy Halloween!


  1. Great pumpkins — love the silhouettes!

  2. While I appreciate the artistry in J’s, I have to say I really, really like the cyclops. You win Halloween, sir.

  3. Better than your Mummy pumpkin? No way! That pumpkin is amazing.

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