Posted by: Nathan | May 12, 2010

Our New Blog

Since the wife I and found out we are pregnant, we thought it might be neat to start another blog devoted solely to family items of note. The AQ is mostly my musings on life and book reviews that most people don’t care about, and we wanted a place to tell stories, upload photos and videos (especially baby photos!), and keep people up to date on what’s going on with us and our little one. The new blog is called The Re-Arranged Us, and you can find it here: You should check it out.

You’ll notice some differences between the blogs. First, J is a co-author on the new site and will post updates along with yours truly. In fact, she wrote the initial post; my moniker is attached because she forgot to sign me out. Second, the design element is much improved on the new blog. J created the header herself (I watched her do it), and it looks far better than anything I’ve attempted design-wise on this blog. You can expect more of the same from her in the future. Third, we’ve created (i.e. J created) a spot where our dog Lucy gives her thoughts on baby-related issues. If all of that isn’t enough to get you to click the above link, you should know that the first post announces whether our firstborn is a boy or girl!

Don’t worry; Ahab’s Quest isn’t going anywhere. I’ll continue to post my thoughts. Now that the school year is over, I’ll probably be posting more regularly here again. There is a lot I’ve been wanting to write about. The wife and I hope you enjoy both blogs, dear reader, and thank you for stopping by to keep up with our lives. We appreciate it.

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