Posted by: Nathan | March 17, 2007

NCAA Tourney Update 3/16

First round’s over, and I emerged with a paltry 20-12 record at a measly 62.5%. Guh! The bad news is, my final two teams (Wisconsin and Texas) looked pretty bad in their respective opening games, and I missed a lot of middle seed games. The good news: none of my important teams are out, and only one of the teams I was wrong about I had going to the Sweet 16. Of course, I think just about everyone can say that.

Best moment this round: Duke losing to VCU. HA ha! Get ’em outta here. I was hoping (and picking) for more upsets, but this was an enjoyable one.

Looking good: All the tops seeds, Tennessee (darn them!), Louisville (w00t!), Georgetown, Vanderbilt (wha’ happen GW?), Washington State, and UCLA among others.

Looking bad but movin’ on: Wisconsin (what kind of idiot would pick them to win it all?), Oregon, and Texas among others.

It’s anybody’s year, but the seeding has been amazingly accurate. I’m gunning for more upsets next round, just not one of my teams, please. Hopefully, the Badgers got the crappy game out of their system; they’re going to need to be strong against UNLV.

Good looking 2nd rounders: How about Kentucky v. Kansas in a battle of perennial powers? A&M v. Louisville should also be good, as should UNC/Michigan State, and Tennessee/Virginia.


  1. Did I overlook the presence of a positive comment on the Ohio State Buckeyes? The Ohio side of family tree is holding out hope for a national championship for OSU since we missed it in football! I think your cousin Tim’s bracket has them going all the way.

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